Will your words carry you?

Will your words carry you? Will they allow you to reach the top? Will your words carry you, or will they land you flat on your back? Will they choke you with regret? Will your words carry you? Your words are your strength. They breathe life into an already incredible host. Man made from dirt, […]

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There’s a season of panicked dread after leaving college and entering the “real world.” 

I find myself in this season now. Sending applications and hoping fingers crossed, prayers sent, that someone will acccept you. THEN, comes the ? if you’re accepting the right job..so much to ponder. Your future, who it’ll impact, will your talents be used well, what if you get stuck?!? 

I have never prayed more in my life than I have now. Wisdom will come. Loved ones will stay. The Lord remains EVER faithful. 

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